Sunday throat (1905); Peas with a knife (1828); Ears lowered (1947)

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Mon May 3 15:33:54 UTC 2004

Jim Landau wrote:

>      I eat my peas with honey
>      I've done it all my life
>      It makes the peas taste funny
>      But they sure stay on my knife.
> Source unknown.  I heard it from my father sometime in the 1950's and
> I don't recall having heard it from anyone else.

The Penguin Book of Comic and Curious Verse (1958 edition, but first
published in 1952) has this on p241, crediting it to Anon. It has a
slight variation on the theme:

  I always eat peas with honey,
  I've done it all my life,
  They do taste kind of funny,
  But it keeps them on the knife.

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