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Marshall storyI contacted a friend at the Marshall Library to ask about the quotation.  Here is his response.  Forrest Pogue has written several books on Marshall, for which see


I've asked for a more specific reference to Pogue's work on this particular question, and I'll get back to you if I get one.

Alan Baragona

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Alan: Forrest Pogue spent considerable time on this story years ago. He believed that Red Reeder (WWII Pacific hero and later, I think, USMA football coach or AD) expanded considerably upon something Marshall may have said one time. It is hard to imagine Marshall's saying that he wanted a West Point football player, although he perhaps believed that an athletically inclined man might do better than an average person. There is no way of proving or disproving what Reeder said Marshall said. And since it's cast in bronze, it must be true by definition.

Larry Bland 

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