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Barry is the greatest, but he missed some 1957 cites on Newspaperarchive.
So-- did Jackie Gleason 'popularize' the full expression, or did he invent

Sam Clements

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> On May 5, 2004, at 9:52 AM, George Thompson wrote:
> > Was this not the sound that Ralph Kramden used to make when laughing
> > scornfully at sensible advice from Alice?
> Yes, Jackie Gleason did use it as part of the shtick of his "The
> Honeymooners" character, Ralph Kramden. It dates to at least 1955, when
> the TV show began. He also used an extended version:
> har-de-har-har-har! By the time that he made it to TV, Gleason had
> already been in showbiz for decades. So, it may not be possible to
> track down an exact date.
> -Wilson Gray

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