query: "stud muffin"

Anne Gilbert kebara at COMCAST.NET
Thu May 6 05:03:44 UTC 2004

Doug and all:

It obviously comes from "stud".  I'm old enough to remember some guys being
described as "studly", back in the 1960's. Then it either dropped out of use
or morphed.  "Studly muffin" popped up again in my daughter's teen years,
the mid 1980's.
Anne G

talking about the term "stud
> >muffin"/"stud-muffin"/"studmuffin", used (by straight women and gay
> >men) for (yummy as a muffin) good-looking, well-built men.
> I first heard this myself in about 1991.
> Google Groups: 1986.
> N'archive: 1986.
> I have an unsupported notion that this was likely popularized by (maybe
> even invented for) some TV program or movie, ca. 1986.
> -- Doug Wilson

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