Mountain Oysters (1857)

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> >    I've been re-checking the progress of Colorado's Historic Newspaper
> > Collection, and I'm proud to say that I now discovered that I have better
> balls:
> While yours are older, they are not necessarily better.
> SC

   Oooh, I hate that guy!
   So much for looking for "mountain oysters" in the Rocky Mountains.  It's
here on a nice food menu from Baltimore.

   21 July 1857, WASHINGTON STAR (DC), pg. 2, col. 2:
   _Entrees_--Filets de boeuf, Madeira wine sauce; petits pates, a la reine;
sweet bread, larded, gardinere sauce; filets of veal, perageaux sauce; vol au
vent, a la financier; young chickens, Maryland style; mountain oysters, sauce
royale; beuder, a la Richelieu, tomato sauce; lamb chops, soubaise sauce;
timbale de macaroni, milinaise; galantine de poulets.

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