Why buy a cow? (1905)

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This reminds me of a statement by a friend of my father and myself who ran a
whorehouse. He once said back in the 1960s, "If someone had told me twenty
years ago that there would come when pussy wouldn't sell I'd have called him
a goddam liar but that day is here. Too many amateurs in the game."

The phrase about free milk was quite common back in the 1960s normally used
to put down one's married friends.

Page Stephens

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>    This question was asked in the ADS-L archives.  Why buy the cow when
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>    OT:  Yes, Paper of Record requires you go go through each publication,
> only five years' worth at a time.  I just chose a publication in the
proper time
> period.
> Atlanta Constitution - 10/16/1905
> ...He would he a. fool to -buy a cow when MILK IS FREE. Why should he want
> an.....In hIS sacred right of the franchISea FREE vote and an honest
> it IS..
> Atlanta, Georgia Monday, October 16, 1905  583 k

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