"hot dog" questions; term banned at Coney Island, 1913

Gerald Cohen gcohen at UMR.EDU
Sun May 9 02:34:15 UTC 2004

I've started preparing a book on "hot dog" (Barry Popik and David
Shulman will be listed as co-authors), and despite several decades of
research, questions are still popping up.  A passage in 'The "Hot
Dog" Mystery' (NY Herald Tribune, June 2, 1931, p. 24/ 2) says:

        'Alva Johnston [G. Cohen: 1888-1950; won a Pulitzer prize,
1923, for reporting] assures us that in 1913 the Coney Island Chamber
of Commerce passed a resolution forbidding the use of the derogatory
term "dog" for the pork and beef products which gentlemen called
"wieners" or "sausages" and that Charlie wrote an appealing piece in
the old "World" urging the chamber to relent.'

Now for the questions:
1) Can anyone locate a contemporary account of the 1913 Coney Island
banning of the term "(hot) dog"?
2) Can anyone locate the article by Charlie (evidently a  reporter so
well known in 1931 that it was unnecessary for the NY Herald Tribune
to identify him further)?

Any help/guidance would be much appreciated and will be acknowledged
in the book.

Gerald Cohen

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