Son of a Biscuit Eater (1877); Soup Strainer (1907)

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SON OF A BISCUIT--685 Google hits, 391 Google hits
SON OF A BISCUIT EATER--161 Google hits, 179 Google Groups hits

   Another food and slang phrase...If you're a son of a biscuit, are you well bred?  Does your father have dough?  Are you sweet?  Are you related to Pop-n-Fresh, the Pillsbury doughboy?  If these jokes make you insane, are you crackers?

International Talk Like A Pirate Day
... A scoundrel. Son of a Biscuit Eater: a derogatory term indicating a bastard son of a sailor; Sprogs: raw, untrained recruits; Squiffy ... - 8k - Cached - Similar pages

Los Angeles Times (1886-Current File). Los Angeles, Calif.: Nov 17, 1914. p. II4 (1 page):
   ...that they had equal rights with McAdoo or Burleson; that those rights should be respected, and that Mr. Wilson was a son of a biscuit, or words to that effect.

The Galloping Ghost and other heroes; Joel Sayre has been a student of pro football since the early days. THE GAME THAT WAS: The Early Days of Pro Football. By Myron Cope. Illustrated. World. 294 pp. $10.
By Joel Sayre. The Washington Post, Times Herald (1959-1973). Washington, D.C.: Jan 24, 1971. p. 223 (1 page) :
   Joe played for Jim Thorpe's Canton Bulldogs whose roughest games were with the Bears.  "There'd be a fight every time we met those son of a biscuits."
(Shouldn't that be "sons" of biscuits?--ed.)

Walla Walla Union Bulletin -  3/18/1951
...t drink you're either A DemocrAt or A SON OF A BISCUIT eAter" (AlliterAtion At.....t Cross Him (Editor's note This IB the OF A series OF stories written for the..
Walla Walla,  Washington     Sunday, March 18, 1951   720 k

Sheboygan Press -  4/11/1963
...then when he hAd missed it, He sAid, 'SON OF A BISCUIT, I should hAve known it.....And other members. Q My 14-yeAr-old SON hAs Crohn's diseAse. He hAs been in..
Sheboygan,  Wisconsin     Thursday, April 11, 1963   858 k

Mountain Democrat -  1/28/1981
...Among young people As being one meAn SON OF A BISCUIT. SimultAneously he.....dozens OF files before pulling photos OF A home he considers typicAl OF A..
Placerville,  California     Wednesday, January 28, 1981   477 k

Redlands Daily Facts -  9/25/1952
...As i on Fern Avenue. Fee for one or "SON OF A BISCUIT." So it is not severAl.....OF the NegotiAtions for the purchAse OF About 230 Acres OF lAnd First..
Redlands,  California     Thursday, September 25, 1952   720 k

Mountain Democrat -  1/28/1981
...Among young people As being one meAn SON OF A BISCUIT. SimultAneously he.....dozens OF files before pulling photos OF A home he considers typicAl OF A..
Placerville,  California     Wednesday, January 28, 1981   476 k

Oshkosh Daily Northwestern -  2/9/1877
...WESTERN, EVENING. FBBRUAk? 1877. "SON OF A BISCUIT." A 1'itrry OF.....hAve exclAimed ''HAlloo, Jim, you oid SON OF A BISCUIT, I'm mighty to see you..
Oshkosh,  Wisconsin     Friday, February 09, 1877   990 k


SOUP STRAINER + MUSTACHE--315 Google hits, 25 Google Groups hits

   HDAS?  The CASSELL DICTIONARY OF SLANG has "1930s+."  OED has Wodehouse in 1932.
   Also called a "cookie duster."

Fort Wayne News -  4/15/1903  (??  Probably doesn't apply--ed.)
...W. C. ARCHER, D. D. S.( Manager. SOUP STRAINER This STRAINER is substantially..
Fort Wayne,  Indiana     Wednesday, April 15, 1903   657 k

Evening News -  8/6/1907
...lined with forest trees. Do You Wear a SOUP STRAINER The pretty girl frowned.....the waiter had spilled that plate of SOUP over your head. Would you have..
Ada,  Oklahoma     Tuesday, August 06, 1907   565 k

Washington Post -  8/8/1908
...mustache of a grena dier a regtilar SOUP STRAINER; eh? arid lajf it down..
Washington,  District Of Columbia     Saturday, August 08, 1908   976 k

Indiana Evening Gazette -  5/4/1917 so reckless as to kid a guy with a SOUP STRAINER under his proboscis. Nevjr.....him unmercifully about his consomme STRAINER. Mr. Russell was not one of tbe..
Indiana,  Pennsylvania     Friday, May 04, 1917   612 k

Sun Herald -  5/2/1918
...he still refers to bis mustache as a SOUP STRAINER. Precaution. "Aro you..
Lime Springs,  Iowa     Thursday, May 02, 1918   531 k

Mountain Democrat -  1/4/1919
...History I donate the world's famous "SOUP STRAINER mine Mustache." the..
Placerville,  California     Saturday, January 04, 1919   699 k

Washington Post -  3/6/1921
...Hillock, a tall and lanky man, with "SOUP STRAINER" mustache, grizzled..
Washington,  District Of Columbia     Sunday, March 06, 1921   361 k

Port Arthur News -  1/24/1924
...he trimmed it. was as hnn-'somo a "SOUP STRAINER" mustache as Fall ever..
Port Arthur,  Texas     Thursday, January 24, 1924   842 k

Bee -  2/23/1924
...mustache of the sort known as "SOUP-STRAINER" of "rams-iiorn" has been..
Danville,  Virginia     Saturday, February 23, 1924   929 k

Middlesboro Daily News -  2/23/1924
...His silver gray hair is flung as "SOUP-STRAINER" or "ranis-horn" place..
Middlesboro,  Kentucky     Saturday, February 23, 1924   430 k

Decatur Herald -  10/29/1928
...Vanzetti wqre a long mustache of the "SOUP STRAINER" variety. "Doggy" Bruno..
Decatur,  Illinois     Monday, October 29, 1928   681 k

Zanesville Signal -  8/9/1937
...SecreUr? A House ot David inflelder (SOUP STRAINER and all) Is said to be the..
Zanesville,  Ohio     Monday, August 09, 1937   962 k

Gettysburg Times -  9/10/1937
...whacking four hits. has shaved off his SOUP STRAINER, by This even break..
Gettysburg,  Pennsylvania     Friday, September 10, 1937   1186 k

Ironwood Daily Globe -  9/10/1937
...Larry Kelley (who has shaved off his SOUP STRAINER, by the way) opines the..
Ironwood,  Michigan     Friday, September 10, 1937   660 k

Reno Evening Gazette -  12/3/1937
...the Indian team at Nixon wear a SOUP STRAINER He sports in a close and..
Reno,  Nevada     Friday, December 03, 1937   791 k

Bismarck Tribune -  6/29/1938
...he's a righthander) has sprouted a SOUP STRAINER and is doing all right..
Bismarck,  North Dakota     Wednesday, June 29, 1938   914 k

What's an Inch of Rain?
The Washington Post (1877-1954). Washington, D.C.: Aug 8, 1908. p. 6 (1 page):
   Lots of horses have incipient, Chineselike mustaches, but your nag has the mustache of a grenadier--a regular soup strainer, eh?

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