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... In Reply to: HELP posted by Cassandra on May 06, 2004 at 18:12:26: : Has anyone
ever heard of this phrase: Don't let them take your eye for a prune. ...
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   I certainly would like to help out the Library of Congress and lawyers, but I don't want to mislead anyone (or have the questioner mislead us into false slang).
   Neither the beginning ("Don't let them take your eye") nor the end ("for a prune") checks out.  Perhaps it's a better way of saying "Don't sell your soul (your eye) for shit (a prune)."  But it's not established anywhere, AFAIK.


TALL DRINK OF WATER--2,790 Google hits, 625 Google Group hits

   Not really a food phrase, but whatever.

Fort Wayne News - 3/29/1916
...PETEY That Man Mad an Awfully TALL DRINK OF WATER By C. A. VOIGHT THOUGHT.....room In modern, private home; sOFt WATER bath; use OF phone. 606 West..
Fort Wayne, Indiana   Wednesday, March 29, 1916  822 k

Nevada State Journal - 3/16/1935
...was hanging out. The other was a TALL DRINK OF WATER with a bald spot. About.....loose change in that vast area west OF the Mississippi was theirs? I speak..
Reno, Nevada   Saturday, March 16, 1935  735 k

Nevada State Journal - 11/23/1938
...as an eater. He is a long TALL DRINK OF WATER, not at all the eater.....Thorp who told us that we should never DRINK WATER while eating as it tends to..
Reno, Nevada   Wednesday, November 23, 1938  669 k

Where Are They Now?; NUMBER FOURTEEN Harry Heilmann
FRANK FINCH. Los Angeles Times (1886-Current File). Los Angeles, Calif.: Jul 15, 1936. p. A12 (1 page):
   ...and one who rates right upo there with the best of them is Harry Heilmann, the tall drink of water who used to occupy a prominent spot in the outer garden of Navin Field.


PUT HAIR ON YOUR CHEST--1,510 Google hits, 983 Google Group hits
PUT HAIR ON YOUR CHEST--702 Google hits, 386 Google Group hits

   Every Passover I'm told that horseradish does the trick.

Delta Herald Times - 7/21/1932
...you are.YOUR Highness; that'll PUT HAIR ON YOUR CHEST and teeth In YOUR.....bacON and eggs in the reIrigerator, PUT the bacON ON to fry and some coffee..
Delta, Pennsylvania   Thursday, July 21, 1932  669 k

Council Bluffs Iowa Nonpareil - 10/22/1948
...of the car were Old Clothes May PUT HAIR ON 'YOUR CHEST' NKW YORK. YOUR old.....They grabbed a flro extinguisher and PUT out tho blare. Snodgrass was slumped..
Council Bluffs, Iowa   Friday, October 22, 1948  511 k

Lima News - 12/2/1949
...and coffee is a liquid to PUT HAIR ON YOUR CHEST, I have just received.....can make a distracting noise. It was PUT ON as an emergency measure) to warn..
Lima, Ohio   Friday, December 02, 1949  840 k

Waterloo Daily Courier - 12/4/1949
...and coffee is a liquid to PUT HAIR ON YOUR CHEST, I have just received.....them glass things to European relief. PUT four heeping tablespoONs of coffee..
Waterloo, Iowa   Sunday, December 04, 1949  602 k

Mansfield News Journal - 12/4/1949
...and coffee is a liquid to PUT HAIR ON YOUR CHEST, I have just received.....them glass things to European relief. PUT four heeping tablespoONs of coffee..
Mansfield, Ohio   Sunday, December 04, 1949  814 k

Edwardsville Intelligencer - 4/16/1956
...EAT THAT LIVER, CARLYLE IT WILL PUT HAIR ON YOUR CHEST.' PHICILLA S POP.....unless you, the said defendants, file YOUR answer, or otherwise make YOUR..
Edwardsville, Illinois   Monday, April 16, 1956  598 k

Harlan News Advertiser - 9/1/1959
...a stern fatherly tONe. that and it PUT HAIR ON YOUR CHEST. Jimmy Ray came back.....Just buy a name tape kit from us and PUT YOUR kid's name ON his things. All..
Harlan, Iowa   Tuesday, September 01, 1959  573 k

News Herald - 3/2/1963
...and lemONs. Lots of bread wiil PUT "HAIR ON YOUR CHEST." Eating bread crusts.....YOUR plioiiR out of their reach, or PUT a look ON it. With the new code..
Mansfield, Ohio   Saturday, March 02, 1963  628 k

Daily Times News - 6/18/1965
...squeezed celery or carrot. "It PUTS HAIR ON YOUR CHEST." he says. Shocker.....bail League noting MONday S' It also PUTS it ON YOUR head. Kroll is living..
Burlington, North Carolina   Friday, June 18, 1965  646 k

Walla Walla Union Bulletin - 4/17/1966
...and take a sip or two. "This PUTS HAIR ON YOUR CHEST and straightens out.....and post office at this ONce a stop ON the Old OregON Trail. ON the first..
Walla Walla, Washington   Sunday, April 17, 1966  816 k

Braddock; Calls Louis a Bum, Leaves For South; Anxious to Train.
By Jack Miley.. The Washington Post (1877-1954). Washington, D.C.: Jan 17, 1936. p. 22 (1 page):
   "I'm going to chauffeur packing boxes up the gangways of those boats--that's what puts hair on your chest!"

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