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Tue May 11 22:22:28 UTC 2004

On May 5, either Barbara Budd or Mary Lou Finlay did a story on CBC's As It
Happens -- "One of science's most enduring, up-to-now under-researched
enigmas has been the big, baffling nose of the moose. Professor Lawrence
Witmer is an associate professor of anatomy at Ohio University who has been
looking into its mysteries." -- which lasted nearly 8 minutes.  If you are
ever interviewed for radio broadcast, may you get as much rope to describe
your latest research.

Anyway, in the process the interviewer used "clothespeg" to refer to the
device with which humans sometimes cover their noses.  DARE lists one cite
from CO and notes that W3 labels the term "Brit."  Budd and Finlay are both

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