Passing the Lemon; Card-Carrying Heterosexual

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Sat May 15 02:26:54 UTC 2004

   It appears that Fred Shapiro now has access to ProQuest's CHICAGO TRIBUNE, and all that jazz.  It's not available here at NYU.
   Work today was great.  8:30 a.m.-7:30 p.m., all to earn what most NYC lawyers make in about one hour.  At 7 p.m., the people in my room (you know the room) were fanning themselves with their parking tickets.  Life just doesn't get much lower than this, but it somehow always does.


   No, not that "passing gas" kind of passing!

   14 May 2004, NEW YORK POST, pg. 30, col. 3:
_Klein squeezes_
_"lemon passing"_
   Schools Chancellor Joel Klein has urged principals to stop the practice called "passing the lemon"--giving incompetent teachers satisfactory ratings if they agree to transfer to another school.

   14 May 2004, NEW YORK POST (editorials), pg. 34, col. 1:
_Squeezing the Schools' Lemons_


   "The underlying subtext of gladiator movies has always been one of suppressed homoeroticism, and 'Troy' falls over itself to make sure every character is a steadfast, card-carrying heterosexual--Greek history and mythology be damned."
---NEW YORK SUN film review of "Troy," 14 May 2004, pg. 19, col. 6.

CARD-CARRYING HETEROSEXUAL--43 Google hits, 82 Google Groups hits
CARD-CARRYING HOMOSEXUAL--46 Google hits, 73 Google Groups hits

14. Special combs.: card-carrying a., having a membership card of a specified organization, esp. of the Communist Party; so card-carrier;
1948 B. ANDREWS Washington Witch Hunt ii. 96 The most dangerous Communists in the nation today are not the open, avowed, *card-carrying party members. 1953 Wall St. Jrnl. 18 Aug. 2/3 ‘Millions of workers who are just card-carrying members’ and who take no interest in union affairs.

   Heterosexuals are supposed to carry cards?  Where do you get these cards?  Did I miss out on the Jennifer Aniston card?

Berkshire Evening Eagle - 10/1/1947
...can not be proved they are actual CARD-CARRYING COMMUNISTS. The top union.....Law, that none of Its officials are COMMUNISTS. Both Matles and Emspak have..
Pittsfield, Massachusetts   Wednesday, October 01, 1947  676 k

Nevada State Journal - 10/29/1947 writers, all identified as CARD-CARRYING COMMUNIST party members.....On last July 17, an American jeep CARRYING an officer and two enlisted men..
Reno, Nevada   Wednesday, October 29, 1947  630 k

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