Antedating of "Pizzeria" (Totonno's, 1924)

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Mon May 17 03:50:05 UTC 2004

    I dined today at a "new" restaurant called Totonno's Pizzeria, at 463 2nd 
Avenue (26th Street).  The branch is new, but the pizzeria is not.  In fact, 
it claims to be the oldest continuously operating pizzeria in the Western 
Hemisphere--even older than that place in New Haven.

Totonno’s is proud to be part of the history in N.Y.C.  We began in 1905 when 
Anthony “Totonno” Pero distinguished himself as one of N.Y.’s first Master 
Pizziolas.  In 1924 Totonno opened his own pizzeria in Coney Island. 
Still standing, Totonno’s is the oldest continuously operating pizzeria in 
the U.S.  run by the same family.  We still use the finest tomatoes imported 
from Italy, handmade mozzarella cheese, 
and dough which is made daily on our premises. 

The tradition started in our flagship Coney Island restaurant and now can be 
enjoyed in Manhattan.  
Here you will find Totonno’s third and fourth generation pizziolas ensuring 
the quality of the family’s recipe and tradition in our coal burning brick 
Louise and Joel Ciminieri (above at their original Brooklyn location) are 
preserving a tradition of excellence since 1924.  The new location in Manhattan 
is more modern and upscale.
Know-how: Grimaldi's has the finest pizza pedigree in America. Patsy Grimaldi 
has perfected the art of pizza-making that he learned at the original Patsy's 
Pizzeria in Harlem during its golden days. Patsy Grimaldi started making pies 
at his uncle Patsy Lancieri's restaurant in 1941 at the age of 10. In recent 
years, the original Patsy's in Harlem has been sold off to a corporation and 
franchised, leading Patsy Grimaldi to change the name of his restaurant (which 
was originally named "Patsy's Pizzeria" as well) to "Grimaldi's". According to 
Eric Asimov of the New York Times, "If the mantle of Patsy Lancieri were 
awarded on quality alone, Grimaldi's...would win hands down." And where did Patsy 
Lancieri earn his mantle? He, along with legendary pizza makers John Sasso of 
John's and Anthony (Totonno) Pero of Totonno's, are all said to have learned 
their craft from Gennaro Lombardi, proprietor of the original Lombardi's, 
America's first pizzeria.     
(O.T.:  And the Brooklyn Historical Society library is still closed.  And the 
BROOKLYN EAGLE digitiation has stopped at 1902.)
(O.T.:  Totonno's declares that "Only God Makes Better Pizza."  Where would 
you get a slice of that?)

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