good people

Elaine Ashton eashton at MAC.COM
Tue May 18 08:22:27 UTC 2004

On 17 May, 2004, at 9:54, Benjamin Barrett <bjb5 at U.WASHINGTON.EDU wrote:
> Does the expression "s/he is good people" have wide currency? I would
> like
> to use it in some new contexts, but have heard it only in Alaska.
> Also, does the plural (they're good people) work with the same
> meaning? or
> is there another form that is used?

I'm from St. Louis and it has been used quite frequently in Missouri
and the whole of the Midwest as long as I can remember. "They're good
people" works but you'll hear "Them's good people" almost as often.

I could be wrong about this, but I think the singular 'he/she is good
people' has a slightly different connotation as I think it amplifies
the overall goodness, e.g. they're so good we couldn't just use the
singular form of person.


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