Uses of DARE in teaching and research

Terry Irons t-irons at MOREHEAD-ST.EDU
Thu May 20 23:00:50 UTC 2004


As you may recall, I am using the DARE audiotapes recordings for Kentucky as
the basis for a study of language change in Kentucky English.  The project has
been funded by a REG (Research Enhancement Grant)through the EPSCOR program
(state level NSF funding).  I am revisiting (nearly finished--after Smithland
and Hickman in extreme Western Kentucky) those communities in which DARE
interviews were conducted in the 1960s.  In contrast with the LAUSACA projects
(other than LAGS) which provide impressionistic transcription information,
some of which is excellent, the DARE audiotapes provide a baseline against
which I am able to analyze change in real time at the acoustic level over the
past century.

I have given preliminary presentation of some of the results at NWAVE and
LAVIS III/SECOL.  By the end of 2005/beginning 2006, I hope to have completed
a "Phonological Atlas of Kentucky English," drawing upon some of the DARE
audiotape materials, as well as the current fieldwork.

Feel free to mention this project in the applications for renewal of NEH/NSF
support for the completion of DARE.

Terry Lynn Irons

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