Antedating of "Jelly Bean" 1886

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Newspaper archive, 1886.

Decatur(IL) Daily Republican, 20 Dec. 1886.  5/5-6.  Ad for Christmas
Candies, most of which thankfully died an early death.

<<Butter Scotch/French Mottoes, Chocolate, Lemon and Cream Caramels, Old
Time Mixed Candy, Anchor Stick Candy, Red, Blue and Yellow Sugar Sand, Creme
Sugar Birds and Animals(ed-yummy :( ),  Cream Pears, Cream MIce, Cream
Babies, Jelly Beans and many other varieties.>>


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> jelly bean (OED 1905, Popik Historical Dictionary of Food Terms 1896)
> 1894 _Chicago Daily Tribune_ 10 Nov. 5 (ProQuest)

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