"With all deliberate speed" (1817); "Hope for the best" (1791)

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   The NYU bookstore is featuring books on the _Brown v. Board of Education_ Supreme Court decision.  One book is titled WITH ALL DELIBERATE SPEED.
   I don't have Westlaw, but ProQuest shows that Justice Frankfurter used the term in 1944.
   However, Walter Scott beats everybody (in a line mentioning the assurance of "law-agents").

The Anglo American, a Journal of Literature, News, Politics, the Drama, Fine Arts, Etc. (1843-1847). New York: Jun 22, 1844. Vol. 3, Iss. 9; p. 213 (2 pages)
Second page:
   THE LITERARY REMAINS OF WILLIS GAYLORD CLARK.--New York: Burgess, Stringer, & Co.--The esteemed editor of the Knickerbocker is proceeding with all deliberate speed with the revival of his talented brother's "literary remains;"...

Supreme Court Agrees To Review Decision on Utility 'Death Sentence'; Engineers Public Service Wins Rehearing on Opinion Upholding SEC Divestment Order
>From THE WALL STREET JOURNAL Washington Bureau. Wall Street Journal (1889-Current file). New York, N.Y.: Jun 6, 1944. p. 7 (1 page):
  The Court remanded the case to the District Court "with instructions to hold it until the Administrator, by making a valid determination of the area, with all deliberate speed, acts within the authority given him by Congress."
   Justice Frankfurter delivered the majority opinion, wiuth Justices Rutledge, Black and Murphy dissenting.

   Scott, Walter, Sir, 1771-1832 [Author Page]
Rob Roy (1817)  1177Kb
Rob Roy [in, the Waverley Novels]   [URL for this text]
Found 1 hit(s):
[VOL. II.]   [URL for this text]
CHAPTER XIX.   [URL for this text]
...and proceeded, as our law- agents assured us, with all deliberate speed. We spent, accordingly, one hospitable day with the Bailie,...


   It's at least as old as 1791.

New-York as she is.
The New - Yorker (1836-1841). New York: Apr 14, 1838. Vol. 5, Iss. 4; p. 57 (1 page):
   A few months may witness great changes; but while we may hope for the best, we should be ready for the worst.

   Bayly, Thomas Haynes, 1797-1839 [Author Page]
IMITATION OF HORACE; BOOK I. ODE XI.  2Kb , [from Rough Sketches of Bath and Other Poems (1820)] [URL for this text]
Found 2 hit(s).
...fortitude blest, Though prepared for the worst can still hope for...
...for the worst can still hope for the best; If years...

   Inchbald, Mrs., 1753-1821 [Author Page]
A Simple Story (1791)  682Kb
A Simple Story. In Four Volumes. By Mrs. Inchbald   [URL for this text]
Found 6 hit(s):
VOL. II.   [URL for this text]
CHAPTER XII.   [URL for this text]
...lord, while I thought my counsel might save you from the worst of misfortunes, conjugal strife, I importuned you hourly; and...
VOL. III.   [URL for this text]
CHAPTER V.   [URL for this text]
...dear," said Miss Woodley; "you know we are prepared for the worst; and you know you promised your mother, whatever your...
...not too much elated or depressed, she advised they should hope for the best, but yet, as usual, expect and prepare...
...the best, but yet, as usual, expect and prepare for the worst.--- After taking measures for quitting their melancholy abode; within...
CHAPTER XII.   [URL for this text]
...authority, and an affected condescension, which he justly considered as the worst of all insults.---And yet, how could he support the...

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