origin of "wuss"; "As the feller says" (1886);"Bloom for the grave " (1996)

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   There is NOTHING before 1970, anywhere.  I think "wuss" is from "wimp"
plus "pussy."  It'll proably be in the LOS ANGELES TIMES soon.


   Newspaperarchive is really weak in the Appalachian region's newspapers.
However, with 15 million digitized pages, some newspapers eventually copy good
stories.  The DICTIONARY OF SMOKY MOUNTAIN ENGLISH has 1913 for this phrase.

Olean Democrat - 1/16/1890
...up and get on to ourselves, AS THE FELLER SAYS." Mr. Turner alt-o
referred.....and no reASon ASsigned for THE action SAYS THE Bradford Star. George
Wilcox, a..
Olean, New York   Thursday, January 16, 1890  890 k

Evening News - 5/31/1891
...ceASe to regret it Quien Sabe AS THE FELLER SAYS. pod sanitary
arrangements.....be drawn np THE chimney. A young lady SAYS she hAS been so carefully
taught to..
Mansfield, Ohio Sunday, May 31, 1891  617 k

Weekly News - 7/7/1892
...but vox populi, vox dei, AS THE FELLER SAYS, and this seems to be a cAS
e.....crowd when he'd finished. That young FELLER had a v'ice like a angel. Pete
Mansfield, Ohio Thursday, July 07, 1892  855 k

Mitchell Daily Republican - 7/11/1886
...is "always young and fair to AS THE FELLER SAYS. Your moTHEr and me met
by.....find her just catching on, AS THE FELLER sav.'1. Ar'ter everybody else
Mitchell, South Dakota   Sunday, July 11, 1886  861 k

Hornellsville Weekly Tribune - 5/27/1887
...rying time for parents. Ta U, AS THE FELLER SAYS. Your faTHEr, BILL
NYB.....at No. Itiverdalc street, this city, SAYS: "i have been troubled with..
Hornellsville, New York   Friday, May 27, 1887  916 k

Decatur Daily Despatch - 9/19/1889
...owin' to how you air raised, AS THE FELLER SAYS. When I have a chill it
does.....you that a fust rate stretch when a FELLER is in THE humor ain't to
Decatur, Illinois Thursday, September 19, 1889  938 k

Newark Daily Advocate - 7/8/1886
...is "always young and fair to AS THE FELLER SAYS. Your moTHEr and me met
by.....find her just catching on, AS tbe FELLER SAYS. After everybody else is..
Newark, Ohio Thursday, July 08, 1886  981 k


   National park tourist traffic "jam" to watch "bears."  The Dictionary pf
Smoky Mountain English has 1977.

Times Recorder - 8/15/1952
...Cooper once drove a bus we come to a "BEAR-JAM." That's a Yellowstone
traffic.....her top, and we may get run over by a BEAR, but more likely by a
tourist. Old..
Zanesville, Ohio Friday, August 15, 1952  713 k

Stevens Point Daily Journal - 6/19/1968
...to get into Yosemite, or getting in a BEAR JAM at Yellowstone, you will
Stevens Point, Wisconsin Wednesday, June 19, 1968  609 k

Times Herald Record - 9/30/1976
...s highest peak, Cl ingman's Dome, a "BEAR JAM" develops as tourists halt..
Middletown, New York   Thursday, September 30, 1976  209 k


   Same as "branch lettuce."  The Dictionary has 1977.

Daily Independent - 6/19/1948
...50-S1.75 Whipped Potatoes Sliced Green BEAR LETTUCE and Pineapple Salad
Murphysboro, Illinois Saturday, June 19, 1948  666 k


   The Dictionary has 1981 for "bloom for the grave" (to grow old, have one's
hair turn white).
   This is my 25th e-mail today, and I'm close to that stage.

Saturday Herald - 8/31/1889
...met with us last year. Our heads are BLOOMING FOR THE GRAVE. Let us meet
here.....was THE day FOR THE old tiers1 picnic. THE weaTHEr was perfect and THE
Decatur, Illinois Saturday, August 31, 1889  1007 k

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