Abu Graib

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Come to think of it, though, I think the original questioner was asking
whether the ai in Ghraib indicated [ai] or [e:].  I've wondered the same
thing, and the ay in Ghurayb has the same ambiguity.

Peter Mc.

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> The Slate article is accurate as to the pronunciation. However Abu Ghraib
> is a phonetic spelling for the place name which is found in most
> gazetteers as Abu Ghurayb. The "u" is short and unaccented and so tends
> to drop out in spoken language.
> allen
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>>         There's an article on the pronunciation of "Abu Ghraib" at
>>         http://slate.msn.com/id/2100290/, which says that the proper
>>         pronunciation sounds something like a French person using a
>>         rolling "r" to render "grehhb." Apparently it's an Iraqi place
>>         name, and non-Iraqi Arabs are likely to mispronounce it.
>> John Baker

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