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The wood and the meat are the major players, and many "q hounds" believe that when cooked properly, good barbecue doesn't need sauce--just the wood and the meat.  Not everyone agrees.  In kansas City, one ofthe country's 'q meccas, sauce is a big deal.
---"Barbeuce" by Matthew Fisher, NEW YORK PRESS SUMMER GUIDE 2004 (Eats & Drinks), May 26-June 1, 2004, pg. 112, col. 1.

   I'd discussed "BBQ," but not "Q."  The "Q" word sounds like a question, or a New Testament source manuscript, or a billiards term, or a theatre term, or something from Queens, or queers--anything but "barbecue."  It sounds overly hip, and I haven't seen it that much.
   "Q" is a very difficult term to search for.  You have to try something like "q-hound" and hope it's close.  I tried to search for it on alt.food.barbecue, and it goes back there to 1996.
   I don't know what the HISTORICAL DICTIONARY OF AMERICAN SLANG has for this letter.

Duellin' barbarbecues.
Kate Zimmerman
3,032 words
1 June 2000
ISSN: 0009-1995; Volume 73; Issue 6
Copyright 2000 Information Access Company. All rights reserved. COPYRIGHT 2000 Maclean Hunter Canadian Publishing Ltd.

This is Q-ing like you've never seen it - cooked up by fat guys named Slim and tall guys called Shorty, armed with sharpened knives and secret spices. They're trying to prove their butts - pork butts, that is - are the zestiest in the land. Kate Zimmerman, wife of Calgary's barbecue pooh-bah, tells the inside story.

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... too expensive to ship. With some effort they can last awhile but who
wants to shovel hot ashes right after eating some q? -Hound
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Re: A big announcement to my friends
... Bikers and Blues fans are notorious for being Q hounds. You should see
plenty of both in Wenatchee especially during festival season. ...
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NC Vinegar based sauces
... Happy Q-ing! ... com http://www.ahoynet.com/~dfettero/home.html (Netscape 2.0 Enhanced) After a hard day Caesar did not have a salad; he read alt.food.barbecue. ...
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Re: New England Barbecue Restaurants
... you? - is it Robert Preston? ). But the Q there is good with a choice of three sauces, mean, meaner and, I assume, meanest. The ...
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AutoMoose NoCeM Spam Report (22-Mar-96 18:30) @@NCM
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***ANNOUNCING*** alt.food.barbecue!
Charter: Alt.food.barbecue is a newsgroup in which to discuss barbecue and grilling--southern style ... of subjects near and dear to the hearts of Q lovers are ...
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PROPOSAL: alt.food.barbecue (repost and revision)
... SUMMARY: alt.food.barbecue would be a group to discuss barbecue and grilling--southern style "low and ... of subjects near and dear to the hearts of Q lovers would ...
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