Jalapenos, Nopalitos (1931); Singing Shrimp; Snow Fungus

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   ProQuest just went down for the evening.  My luck after another hard day.


   The December 2003-revised OED has 1932 for "nopales."  This result comes up when I search Proquest for "jalapenos," but not for "jalapeno."

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Los Angeles Times (1886-Current File). Los Angeles, Calif.: Sep 6, 1931. p. 16 (1 page):
    From Old Mexico!
Do YOU know the delightful zest that these piquant relishes from Old Mexico, brings to your table when served with meat?  Chiles Jalapenos en Escabeche in vinegar sauce and stuffed with cheese, Salmon Rosado, Rellenos con Pate de Higado, etc.  13 ounce cans

SIDRA ASTURIANA, sparkling Spanish cider, bottle...50c
SALSA BRAVA, imported from Mexico!  A hot tempting sauce!  Bottle...20c
CALAMARES en Su Tinta, squids in sauce, can...25c
CHILITOS ENCURTIDOS, pickled chilis!  Serve with meats!  Bottle...40c-65c

   _Nopalitos Tiernos_
   A tasty cactus product.  Fry and serve with sausages and other  savory meats.  You'll like its flavor.  Can...15c

   _Jalapenos Peppers_
   A deliciously appetizing pickled Chili pepper from Old Mexico.  At The May COmpany.  12-ounce cans...75c


SINGING SHRIMP--579 Google hits, 18 Google Groups hits

   I discussed the "naked" shrimp and the "dancing" shrimp, but not the "singing" shrimp.  Emeril makes beautiful music with this.
   If I'm ever with a singing shrimp at a karaoke bar, I'll request "Too Many Fish in the Sea"...Maybe the shrimp can sing "bass"?

[email] Get Prime Time Emeril: More TV Dinners From America's ...
... Prime Time Emeril: More TV Dinners From America's Favorite Chef by Emeril Lagasse singing shrimp and madeira-braised short ribs are among the 150 terrific ...
news.admin.net-abuse.sightings - Jan 21, 2003 by devnull at climacolaw.com - View Thread (1 article)

Re: Applebee's Shrimp
The singing shrimp gives me the willies. Singing, dancing, possesed seafood always does that to me. One thing on television that ...
alt.tv.commercials - Jan 13, 1999 by pretzelboy - View Thread (8 articles)

By GENE BOURG Restaurant columnist
1,219 words
2 June 1992
The New Orleans Times-Picayune
A prized Brennan's customer was former Vice President Spiro Agnew, who ordered the shrimp Creole each of the 12 times he dined there. "He liked the dish so much they renamed it `shrimp Agnew.' Then, after his problems," Milian remembered wistfully, "they changed it back to `shrimp Creole.' "

Milian said his job often entailed much more than seating people and smoothing ruffled feathers. Once, on a phone line to Beverly Hills, he had to deliver step-by-step instructions to Hollywood producer Robert Foster on the preparation of "Singing Shrimp." It's a dish Milian had prepared tableside for Foster, who wanted to duplicate it in his home kitchen. "He called me back later and said it was great," Milian said.

Festivals Acadiens *** Experience the rhythm of Cajun life
1,431 words
18 September 1992
The Baton Rouge Advocate
11 a.m.: Cooking Demonstration, Marcelle Beinvinue, Singing Shrimp

Emeril's Fare and Fowl; For beginners and experts alike, the TV chef's Web site offers an entertaining guide to preparing the Thanksgiving feast
By Susan J. Marks
837 words
16 November 2001
BusinessWeek Online
The recipes are true to Lagasse's roots in spice-crazy Louisiana, where he made his name as a chef. If you think Thanksgiving means nothing but roast turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie, it's time to reconsider. An Emeril Thanksgiving entails pumpkin soup, natchitoches meat pies, caramelized salmon in new potatoes, singing shrimp (a pastry-cup-filled shrimp, shiitake mushroom, cognac, and a cream concoction). And that's just for openers. Then add pepper-stuffed turkey (with Cayenne pepper -- in New Orleans, is there any other kind?), caramelized andouille spoon bread, baked oyster dressing, deep dish apple cobbler, pecan pie, and more. Proceed only at the risk of bursting a few buttons!


SNOW FUNGUS--532 Google hits, 10 Google Groups hits

   "Snow fungus" is not in OED.  I spotted this recently at a Chinese restaurant.

Re: Vegetarian meals on airlines
... Needless to say, I have completely forgotten what they were, except that one was
oriental (a side dish was snow fungus and lotus nuts) and another was vegan. ...
rec.food.veg - Jul 20, 1993 by Mara - View Thread (8 articles)

ZENA CHERRY Chinese celebration features feast
Zena Cherry
805 words
4 October 1978
The Globe and Mail

For the 29th anniversary on Sunday of the founding of the People's Republic of China there was a meeting at the Ukrainian Hall with a Lion dance parade and a celebration meeting.

It was arranged by the Chinese Canadian Community of Toronto of which James R. Pon is president. He is a nuclear engineer with Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. Vice-presidents are Richard Chan, engineer with Ontario Hydro; David Lee, president of the Chinese Freemasons Association; Shen Tsao, computer analyst at IBM; Harry Wong, who's with Standard Modern Tool Co.; and Charles Young, president of the Yue Bick Charitable Association.

A banquet followed on Sunday evening in honor of Wang Tung, the Chinese Ambassador to Canada and Mrs. Tung. It was . . . for the promotion of friendship and cultural exchange at Sai Woo Restaurant and what a feast we had. There were many courses, including Snow Fungus Soup (with birds' nest and winter melon) and I was told the fungus costs $100 per pound; April Duck; and instead of a sweet dessert, pieces of apple and orange.

Trenton Evening Times - 3/5/1909
...in the dinner, that cost a plafe, were SNOW FUNGUS, which retails at a pound..
Trenton, New Jersey   Friday, March 05, 1909  558 k

Reno Evening Gazette - 1/30/1932
...and many other pudduty of cents is SNOW FUNGUS is another prized dish dyes.....cold, accdmpanied by drifting SNOW, struck a new blow at the..
Reno, Nevada   Saturday, January 30, 1932  905 k

Clearfield Progress - 12/7/1933
...nlf I sharks' finf. binN' ncst-< juiil SNOW FUNGUS can in :i shop if Soh.i. tun..
Clearfield, Pennsylvania   Thursday, December 07, 1933  790 k

Clearfield Progress - 5/4/1934
...air stuirks' tlnst, birds' nests, sini SNOW FUNGUS oin be bought in n little..
Clearfield, Pennsylvania   Friday, May 04, 1934  574 k

Indiana Evening Gazette - 8/16/1934
...China's rgreatest delica consists of; SNOW FUNGUS dug out the eternal SNOWs..
Indiana, Pennsylvania   Thursday, August 16, 1934  990 k

Sheboygan Press - 2/13/1950
...China's greatest dell cacy consists of SNOW FUNGUS dug out of the eternal SNOWs..
Sheboygan, Wisconsin   Monday, February 13, 1950  724 k

News - 2/14/1950
...China's greatest delicacy consists of SNOW FUNGUS dug out of the eternal SNOWs..
Frederick, Maryland   Tuesday, February 14, 1950  950 k

Dixon Evening Telegraph - 2/16/1950
...China's greatest delicacy consists of SNOW FUNGUS dug out of the eternal SNOWs..
Dixon, Illinois   Thursday, February 16, 1950  536 k

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