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When my wife and I went to a small appliance service store in Dayton, Ohio,
about 20 years ago to get a new carafe for our coffee maker, the woman who
waited on us said, pleasantly surprised, "Well, nice to hear you pronounce
it correctly!  Most people call it a 'carafay.'"  It caught on as one of
those family jokes, and we've called it a "carafay" ever since.

Peter Mc.

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> Ever since this thread started, I've had in the back
> of my mind that there was another hypercorrection of
> French I frequently hear, but I couldn't think what it
> was.  Last night it came to me when I drove past the
> Villa Franche apartments just down the street from my
> house ... almost everyone who speaks of these
> apartments pronounces "Franche" with an acute accent
> on the "e", and no, there is no accent over the "e"
> where the name is displayed on the property.  No other
> examples of this type of hypercorrection come to mind
> readily, and this may be a very localized usage.
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