The Next Kiwi; OT: Mark Mandel or Dragon?

Douglas G. Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Fri May 28 03:34:37 UTC 2004

>>OK Barry - about the three-part fruit: how about the feijoa?

>They do sound very tasty (judging also from a quick google survey),
>but they also sound as though they *ought* to be related to
>"feijoada" (one of Barry's earlier posting subjects), the Brazilian
>stew that has many ingredients, none of which are feijoa.    Very

"Feijoada" looks like a derivative of Portuguese "feija~o" = "bean[s]"
(cognate with Italian "fagiuolo", Spanish "frijol", etc., I think) (cf.
Portuguese "feijoeiro" = "bean plant").

The feijoa is apparently originally a South American fruit, named after a
naturalist named Feijo' according to MW3 et al.

So just a coincidence, I guess. Both sort of Portuguesish though.

-- Doug Wilson

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