Peameal bacon

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At 5/29/2004 08:07 PM -0400, Bapopik at AOL.COM wrote:
>FAKIN BACON--529 Google hits, 181 Google Groups hits

This reminds me:  in a recent trip back and forth across So. Ontario we
found "peameal bacon" on restaurant menus.  One waitress, when we asked
what it was, replied unhelpfully, "It's what you American's call 'back

"Peameal" is not in the ADS-L Archives.

Google gave me 2960 hits.  The first was quite helpful.
Peameal Bacon   is similar to Canadian Bacon. It is cured but not smoked.
Peameal Bacon is made from pork loins weighing 12-14 Lb. They are trimmed
of all the fat and the bones are removed. The term peameal comes from the
ground yellow peas with which the bacon was originally coated. This ensured
better curing and shelf life and avoided bacterial problems. Over the years
this tradition was changed to cornmeal, due to the availability of corn.

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