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Mon May 31 14:18:19 UTC 2004

I first heard a teenage boy use "gay" in the "weird,
strange, different, stupid, annoying, lame" sense
around 15 years ago.  I didn't take it to relate
directly to homosexuality then, but to me, the origin
of this use seems pretty obviously linked through the
homosexual meaning.

weird, strange, different, stupid, annoying, lame,
etc. ==> queer
queer ==> homosexual
homosexual ==> gay
gay ==> queer ==> weird, strange, different, stupid,
annoying, lame, etc.
I disagree that "phat" is a new spelling or new
meaning for "fat".  I posit that someone simply came
across "phatic" in a dictionary and decided they and
their buddies were "phatic", hence "phat".  The word
caught on, and since, "phat" has evolved and been
applied to a wide range of situations and meanings.

I have no proof whatsoever to back this up.

--- Wilson Gray <hwgray at EARTHLINK.NET> wrote:
> On May 29, 2004, at 1:17 PM, Arnold M. Zwicky wrote:
> >    The term is like "phat" and should be so
> spelled:
> >    ghey

> -Wilson Gray

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