Lexical blends

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If anyone watched the most recent episode of "The Sopranos," you will have
noticed that Little Carmine coined a lexical blend of "stalmate," "quagmire"
and possibly "stagnation" when he said that the war with Johnny Sacks had
led them all into a "stagmire."

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> For those of you interested in blends, here's an excerpt of a message
> I received from a lady who had once taken my linguistics class:
> >My Jennifer - ever the language creator from about 2  1/2 or 3 to
> >present day (she's 40!) hit me today with a new "blend" (she's
> >famous for them) - she was running late to go to a "shing-ding" - a
> >blend of wing-ding and shindig.   And she was perfectly serious!  If
> >I didn't admire her continual creativity with language, I'd worry
> >about that girl!  She and I had a good laugh on the phone!
> Gerald Cohen

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