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   I dined at the Thai restaurant Sa-Way on First Avenue and East 77th Street 
last night.  It has:
RAILROAD FRIED RICE 9.95--Marinated in our own very special red sauce, with 
white meat chicken and succulent shrimp.
   I usually don't associate railroads with fine dining.  No one goes into 
the Four Seasons and asks for the "Amtrak Special."  Here are the only Google 
Simply Thai Restaurant... and Thai sausage. 8.95. Railroad Fried Rice--A 
combination of shrimp, chicken, beef, cashew nuts, and pineapple. 9.95. Spicy 
Fried ... - 16k - Cached - Similar pages   
[PDF] Quality Homemade Authentic Thai Cuisine 1479 First Avenue RICE 212 ...
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... Noodles “Pad-Kee-Mao” 9.95 Stir-fried with serrano peppers, chicken, 
fresh basil and broad-wide rice noodles THAI FRIED RICE Railroad Fried Rice “
Kow-Pad ... - Supplemental Result - Similar pages  
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Subject: Re: Fried rice ideas 
Date: 2003-04-08 03:07:38 PST 
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> What's your favourite way to make fried rice? There seem to be endless
> possibilities - both in terms of seasonings and extra "things added"
> like shrimp, eggs, green onion, etc. There's even "type of rice" i
f> you want to stretch the boundaries a bit.
> I seem to be stuck in a rut involving bean sprouts, white pepper,> light 
soy sauce and sugar. It's a good rut, but still...
> I know there are other extraordinarily good combinations out there. > 
> What do you all recommend?> 
> Your partner in deliciousness - krnntp
I grew up on what I later learned is called "railroad rice" from what was fed 
to the Chinese workers building the railroads.
Make sure the rice was cooked the day before and is cold.
Mince up a few slices of bacon.  Chop a few scallions fine and put them in a 
bowl.  Break a couple of eggs into the bowl.  Gather a few vegetables, sliced 
thin, if you have them or want them.  This is optional.
In a hot wok, render the bacon bits (cook the fat out).  With a slotted 
spoon, remove the bacon bits and reserve them.  (I put them on top of the waiting 
cold rice.)  Into the hot fat, pour the eggs beaten with scallions.  Stir 
fry/scramble.  Toss in the sliced vegetable.  (My father generally used celery or 
Chinese cabbage or bean sprouts.)  Stir fry quickly.  Toss in the cold rice and 
stirfry, breaking up the lumps.  Add the bacon bits back in, and mix all 
together.  This generally needs a lot of salt.  It's white -- no soy sauce.
My father grew up in China, going halfway through college there.  When I was 
growing up, this is what he would make for breakfast on a good Saturday 
morning.  What a lovely smell to wake up to!

   All the Way?
   At Christmas, I jingle all the way.  In that stupid Toto song from many 
years back, you can meet Rosanna (Arquette) "all the way."  But I've noticed at 
diners that you can go "all the way" with bagels or lox.  Virgins, beware!
   Didn't this used to be called "everything"?
   From the menu at the Gracie Mews Diner, 1550 First Avenue (Corner of 81st 
with cream cheese, Noa Scotia lox, lettuce, tomatoes, onion and Kalamata 

Page Title
... Pan Perdue 5.00. French Toast made w/ baguette. Bagel All The Way 6.75. 
Fresh Norweigen
Smoked Salmon, cream cheese, lettuce,. Onion, tomatoes on a toasted bagel. 
... - 23k - Cached - Similar pages 
... with Lox, 6.95. with Lox and Cream Cheese, 8.25. Toasted Bagel All The 
Way, 9.25.
Served with Lox, Cream Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Bermuda Onion, Olive and 
Garnish. ... - 40k - Cached - Similar pages 
The Horseman Family Restaurant & Pizza Breakfast To Go
... Bagel, Toasted With Butter. $1.25. Bagel With Cream Cheese. $2.00. Bagel 
The Way, Lox, Crm Cheese, Lett, Tom, Onions, H Boiled. $8.95. Donut. $0.75. 
... - 33k - Supplemental Result - 
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[PDF] Regular Fiery.qxd
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... . . . . 8.05 TOASTED JUMBO BAGEL ALL THE WAY: with Lox, Cream Cheese,
Lettuce, Tomato, Bermuda Onion, Olive & Garnish . . . . . ... - Similar pages 
The Cincinnati Cafe - An American Bistro
BREAKFAST Served until 3:00 PM every day. Bagel All The Way, Plain bagel with
smoked salmon, cream cheese, red onion and tomato, $8.95. Cincinnati Omelet, 
... - 11k - Supplemental Result - 
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Weston - Breakfast Menu Board
... eggs any style Top Page. Toasted Bagel; Toasted Muffin; Toasted Bagel
with Cream Cheese; Toasted Bagel - all the way: Nova, Cream Cheese ... breakfastmenu.html - 5k - Supplemental 
Result - Cached - Similar pages 
Neptune Diner - Browse Our Menu
... Nova Scotia Lox..... Bagel with Lox All the way with Cream Cheese,
Lettuce, Tomato & Sliced Bermuda Onion..... BREAKFAST SANDWICHES. ... - 88k - Cached - Similar pages
NEO--nova, eggs, onions
LEO--lox, eggs, onions
KEO--kippers, eggs, onions
NEO + NOVA EGGS--2 Google hits
LEO + LOX EGGS--94 Google hits
KEO + KIPPERS EGGS--1 Google hit
   LEO started it.  Coined by the Stage Deli?
... ONIONS .....2.99; LEO LOXS, EGGS, ONIONS .....7.99;
NEO NOVA, EGGS, ONIONS .....7.99; KEO KIPPERS ... - 32k - Cached - Similar pages 
Weston - Breakfast Menu Board
... & American; The Neo: Nova, Eggs & Onions - Scramble Style; Samantha:
Mushrooms, Broccoli, Artichoke Hearts & Fresh Tomatoes; The Garden ... breakfastmenu.html - 5k - Supplemental 
Result - Cached - Similar pages 

STAGE DELI New York Menu
10.95 CORNED BEEF HASH TOPPED WITH A POACHED EGG..... 11.95 ... - 30k - Cached - Similar pages 

LEO The Delicatessen serves up a New York City Jewish Deli feast ...
... LEO’s is your place to get a good sandwich or bowl of soup. Named after ‘
eggs and onions,’ this place serves up a good New York City Jewish Deli ... - 5k - Cached - Similar pages 

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