"as one in the same"

Mullins, Bill Bill.Mullins at US.ARMY.MIL
Fri Apr 1 21:45:27 UTC 2005

In the mid-seventies, Paul Eels was part of "The Waking Crew", an early morning radio show on WSM in Nashville.  He was sports director/anchor for WSM TV and radio at the time (I believe he does play-by-play for the Arkansas Razorbacks now).  He'd do some sports, they'd go to a commercial, and he'd come back and say "And now for some more on [moron] sports."  You could almost hear him wink.

"This is 'The G' saying 'hello' to thee, coming to you in all his crown
and glory!" Show-opening patter of George "The G" Logan, a St. Louis DJ
ca.1952. At the time, I had the impression that The G said "crown and
glory" on purpose, since "crowning glory" was - and still is - such a
literary term amongst the colored that he would never have had occasion
to hear the phrase spoken and then misconstrue it.

-Wilson Gray

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