Hollywood/California Stop (1975)

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HDAS has 1978 for "California Stop." I don't see it in the Los Angeles Times, now expanded one whole year until the end of 1969 (but with most of that year still missing).
   Nevada State Journal Tuesday, July 22, 1975 Reno, Nevada
...he saw Maria LANDvogt Boyle "HOLLYWOOD STOP" both a STOP SIGN on Old Toll Road.....to STOP at the intersection because no STOP SIGN tbcre. Miss Boyle wrote to..

Pg. 22, col. 1:
Highway patrolman Ronald Forshey was moving west on Geiger Grade toward U. S. 395 last May 24 when he saw Maria Landvogt Boyle "Hollywood stop" both a stop sign on Old Toll Road and its entrance to Geiger Grade (State Route 17).

   Coe Cosmos Friday, September 19, 1975 Cedar Rapids, Iowa
...who slide up to a STOP SIGN AND pull a CALIFORNIA STOP AND just kind of zip.....before y're going to do it I can't STOP n spite of the fact that I was on..
Pg. 7, col. 2:
My theory has been for a very long time that there are very few people who intentionally violate the law. I'll say three in ten. Now you'll see people who slide up to a stop sign and pull a California stop[ and just kind of zip through it. Ok, those people are just being a litle sneaky but by the same token if a guy that comes up there and doesn't even hesitate then you know he's doing it intentionally.

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