whole fam-damily (1943)

Benjamin Zimmer bgzimmer at RCI.RUTGERS.EDU
Sun Apr 3 08:45:35 UTC 2005

Earliest variant I could find is "whole famb damily", with "famdamily",
"fam damily", "famn damily", and "flamn damily" following later...

Hammond Times (Ind.), Jan 27, 1943, p. 8
My sisters would stand each side of stage and I'd sing to each of 'em, and
then the whole famb damily would go into a buck and wing.
Los Angeles Times, Jan 27, 1957, p. VIII4 (advt.)
Matching Outfits For the Whole Famdamily
Waltah Clarke's Hawaiian Shops
Coshocton Tribune (Ohio), Nov 15, 1961, p. 4
When I can't think of an idea for a column, all I have to do is to rap out
the truth about my famn damily.
Nevada State Journal, Jul 12, 1963, p. 4
>From Playboy: Expressions we can do without ... Whole fam damily.
Indiana Evening Gazette (Pa.), Aug 24, 1966, p. 6
They like Donna Reed also. So do I, if she would just stand still for a
half hour and stop worrying about the whole flamn damily.

--Ben Zimmer

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