"Is the Pope (a) Catholic?" (1963);

Jonathan Lighter wuxxmupp2000 at YAHOO.COM
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What I've heard :

Is the Pope Catholic ?

Does a bear shit in the woods ?

Does a cat have a climbing gear ?

Is a pig's ass pork ?

Does a rocking horse have a wooden dick ?

          And my favorite, for negative answers only,

Does a chicken have lips ?

         All of these came from fellow graduate students from various eastern and southern states in the fall of 1974.


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Other questions of similar intent:
Does a bear shit in the woods?
(and I believe Tom Clancy once had a character express this one as "Does =
the ursine mammal evacuate its bowels in the arboreal regions", which =
would definitely be a military/government/technospeak way of phrasing =
Does the Pope wear a funny hat?
Does Rose Kennedy have a black dress?
Is a pig's pecker pork?
Are a bull's balls beef?
Does a frog have a watertight ass?
Has a cat got a climbing gear?
and finally,
Does the Pope shit in the woods?

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