"The" Philippines

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Here is where I found this version although I heard the song many years ago
and have long  since forgotten the source although it might have been Pete


FYI here is another old song. It is sung to an old fiddle tune.

I learned this one from my father and it goes as follows.

There once was a man who had a wooden leg by the name of Pat McFarland.

He was shot three times in his wooden leg and once in the Phillipine

Wilson Gray recently told me via email that "'Krag' referred to the
Krag-Jorgensen rifle that was the standard long arm of the United States
military of the day."

I am ccing this message to my friend John Mehlberg who runs a website
http://www.immortalia.com/html/index.htm which I  think those of you on the
ADS list might find interesting.

Page Stephens

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> Page Stephens <hpst at EARTHLINK.NET> quotes:
> Damn, Damn, Damn the Filipinos
> ln that land of dopy dreams, happy peaceful Philippines,
> Where the bolo-man is hiking night and day;
> Where Tagalos steal and lie, where Americanos die,
> There you hear the soldiers sing this evening lay :
>        [...]
> <<<
> Source? Date?
> mark by hand

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