"Vatican City"; was Re: "The" Philippines

Patty Davies patty at CRUZIO.COM
Mon Apr 4 16:27:05 UTC 2005

Thanks for sending this, I have often wondered about it.  but, on my list
of things to do.........


At 09:13 AM 4/4/05, you wrote:
>Barbara Need <nee1 at MIDWAY.UCHICAGO.EDU> writes:
> >>>
>As a follow-up to this discussion, I just heard "in Vatican City" on
>CNN's coverage of the events there, rather than "in the Vatican
>City", which is what I would expect.
>How about "the New York City"?
>The Vatican is a palace and the seat of government of a sovereign state, as
>the White House is... a palatial residence for a head of government and the
>seat of the Executive Branch of that government. "Vatican City", without
>"the", is the name of the sovereign state of which the Pope is absolute
>monarch, whose boundaries as far as I remember coincide with those of the
>city as the boundaries of the District of Columbia coincide with those of
>the city of Washington.
>-- Mark A. Mandel
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