PAST forms in VERB+(e)d+(e)d

Wilson Gray wilson.gray at RCN.COM
Tue Apr 5 20:58:34 UTC 2005

As least as long as I've been wearing glasses - sixty years - I've been
hearing forms like "four-eyed-_ed_," rhyming with "four-sided, in BE.
Then, about thirty years ago, I heard a black actor in a
movie-within-a-movie say, "I loved-_ed_ him!" about a comrade felled in
a gang war. Since the main movie was a comedy, I took "loveded" to be a
joke whose point was that a black actor had to be hyperblack in, e.g.
speech in order to work in Hollywood. Since then, I've heard "loveded,"
"likeded" [laik-tId] et sim. a million times in serious speech among
black people who ain't playin' no part.

Today, I heard, for the first time, "damaged-ed" [daemIdZ-Id], i.e.
"damage'-ed" - "He damage'-ed his bicycle" - instead of the "He damage'
his bicycle" of my lost youth.

And I'm for real, this time, yo. It's not necessary to be able to read
my mind in order to understand that a post is a joke.

-Wilson Gray

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