/bolth/ for both

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FWIW, never heard "bolth" or "polm" round here - or anywhere else. "Almond" pronounced with all the letters, yes; also in NYC in the '50s.  "Palm," too.  But those are different.

Never heard "bus" pronounced as "boss" till that PBS show, either.  Now, that *is* weird.


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Yes, hear it all the time. My wife says it, as well as /polm/ ie 'poem.'
Salem Oregon.
Fritz J

>>> pulliam at IIT.EDU 04/05/05 02:43PM >>>
A great percentage of the students in my dialects class today
attested to this pronunciation as being very common here in the
Chicago area. They weren't able to give any context. Anybody else
heard it?

Apologies if this is old news on this list.

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