colder than a witch's tit

Douglas G. Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Wed Apr 6 03:30:26 UTC 2005

Larry Horn:

>"boner" was the first word I recall for "erection", at least in
>colloquial speech, and that would have been maybe 1957 or '58.

Me too, and about the same time.

By the mid-1960's, IIRC, the word "boner" for an erection seemed to me
rather juvenile, probably because I'd seen "hard-on" etc. (but not "boner")
in, uh, literature. However, I've heard this "boner" used routinely until
the present day by adults ... but I guess it still strikes me as somewhat
of a youngsters' word. Maybe it had a juvenile sound to others too, which
kept it from print?

-- Doug Wilson

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