Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Wed Apr 6 14:43:13 UTC 2005

At 8:58 AM -0400 4/6/05, Orion Montoya wrote:
>I was surprised to hear anatomical "taint" the other night, in a
>discussion of the best way to remove Swearengen's bladder stone.  I
>don't see this taint in the list archives.
Not even under the _'taint_ spelling?  It does seem like a candidate
for the relevant not yet appeared HDAS P-Z volume.  As a
neo-Aristotelian, I like such concepts defined in terms of an
unexcluded middle.  (And then there's Sapir's notion of a "zone of
indifference" between two more salient extremes.)  Much more
compositional than the boring old "perineum".


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