/bolth/ for both

sagehen sagehen at WESTELCOM.COM
Wed Apr 6 15:09:37 UTC 2005

 Jas. Smith wrote:
>I have always pronounced the "l" in "almond", even
>after having been corrected.  Doesn't the voice in the
>TV ads for Almond Joy pronounce the "l"? (I haven't
>heard an ad for Almond Joy in a long, long time.)
I *feel* as if I'm pronouncing the "l" in "almond" (palm, alms, calm), but
it's hard to be sure.  It seems a little different from the "a" of
"father," at least.
I had an uncle (by marriage) who pronounced "almond" /aemond/ ("a" as in
"catch").  He was of German extraction from the upper Midwest.  I can't
remember ever hearing  this from anyone else.
A. Murie

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