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Thu Apr 7 09:11:13 UTC 2005

on 7/4/05 5:09 am, Harrold Wilson Gray at wilson.gray at RCN.COM wrote:

>>> In the UK, the male equivalent of 'taint' is 'barse' - it
>>> runs from the Balls to the ARSE.
>>> --Neil Crawford
>> The US male equiv that I've heard is the "dickstring".
> When I was a kid in St. Louis, I used to hear the brothers say stuff
> like, "Man, that pussy was so fine that it made me pop my dick string!"
> When I asked around to find out what a dick string was, nobody could
> tell me, nor could anyone tell me how a brother would know when his
> dick string had popped or whether the popping of it was painful. I
> guess that the phrase was merely a fossil in black St. Louis by the
> '40's. I know "taint" only as a consequence of reading uh-literature.
> I've never heard it spoken.
> The spelling of "dick string" as two words is merely a whim on my part.
> -Wilson Gray
>> I don't have a
>> good definition for it.
>> This discussion reminds me of the boast: "My dick is as long as a cat's
>> tail.  At least, it is if you measure it the same way -- from the
>> asshole to the tip."

Dick string to me is the fraenum of the penis - that strip of skin attaching
the foreskin to the shaft - which can get torn.

--Neil Crawford

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