Accents in Cold Mountain (the movie)

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> The Cardozo Insider
> Issue: 2/8/04
> "A more serious flaw is shared by almost all the actors: although they
> are supposed to be from North
> Carolina, not a single one is able to pull off the accent. Geography
> may be to blame, as the
> combination of Australia's Kidman, England's Law and Winstone,
> Canada's Donald Sutherland (as
> Kidman's father), and Harvard's Portman make for a linguistic goulash.
> Listen to a John Edwards stump speech. Turn on Charlie Rose or Bill
> Moyers

Bill Moyers a North-Carolinian? No bleeping way! Billy - as he was
known, then - Moyers is from Marshall, Texas. Cf. his autobiographical
Public-TV special, "Marshall, Texas! Marshall, Texas!"

-Wilson Gray (also from Marshall, Texas)

>  on Channel 13. That's
> what North Carolinans sound like. There is a natural musicality in the
> cadence of their speech.
> Kidman forces it, and the others don't really even come close. Worse,
> Zellweger (who mastered
> Britspeak in Bridget Jones' Diary) sounds like she spent too much time
> watching Dukes of Hazzard
> reruns. Remember Daaayzee Duke? The usually wonderful Philip Seymour
> Hoffman, as a defrocked
> preacher, takes us into Blanche DuBois territory. Maybe this is all a
> bit nitpicky. It is a movie,
> not real-life, after all. But the garbled dialects in this film take
> us out of the Civil War-era
> South and transport us into 21st century Hollywood. I think it's time
> to read Charles Frazier's novel. "
> Mountain.Six.Characters.In.Search.Of.A.Dialect.Coach-600708.shtml
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