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Google Answers just got $10 for this bad answer, plus a $2 tip. I might not make $12 from etymology the rest of my whole life.
Subject: Re: Why did the chicken cross the road? (For PinkFreud)
Answered By: pinkfreud-ga on 05 Apr 2005 07:57 PDT
Thank you very much for your generosity!

Regarding the matter of avian migration, it is my belief that the
chicken crossed the road for the same reason Mallory climbed Everest:
because it was there. Had the road not been there, the chicken would
have been cross. In a fowl mood. Henervated. Tired and feathered.

Please excuse my "tongue-in-beak" answer; $10.00 is no poultry sum.

Best of cluck,
>From an exhibit at the Museum of Sex, on Fifth Avenue and 27th Street:
At the height of French postcards (sic) popularity, the phrase (sic)
"cheesecake" was coined. In 1915 George Miller shot the Russian opera singer, Elvira
Amazar, for a New York newspaper when she landed in the city. He had her hike
up her skirt ofr the shot, and according to legend when his editor saw the photo,
he exclaimed, "Why this is better than cheesecake!" (also a new delicacy at the time).
HDAS has "cheesecake from 1934, not 1915.
The classic pin-up genre - cheesecake - fulfills our definition perfectly. Cheesecake (Which Webster defines as "photography displaying especially female comeliness and shapeliness") is said to have gotten its name when, in September 1915, a newspaper photographer, George Miller, noticed a visiting Russian diva, Elvira Amazar, just as she was debarking her ship in New York. Miller asked the opera singer to hike up her skirt a little for the sake of the picture. Later, the photographer's editor, something of a gourmet, is supposed to have exclaimed, "Why, this is better than cheesecake!"--Kevin Freeman
Overview ... A Pictorial Peep At Cheesecake Album Art Of Post World War II America ... Elvira Amazar, just as she was debarking her ship in New York. - 9k - Cached - Similar pagesCheesecake ... The classic pin-up genre - cheesecake - fulfills our definition perfectly. ... Elvira Amazar, just as she was debarking her ship in New York. - 5k - Cached - Similar pagesPin-up girl ... recognizable corporate images for a satiric blend of cheesecake and commercialism. ... Elvira Amazar, just as she was debarking her ship in New York. - 22k - Cached - Similar pages...This story is not at all on either Newspaperarchive or ProQuest.FWIW: I'm trying to interest the Museum in the story of Audrey Munson.......----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------CHICKEN LOLLIPOP...WHERE DID BARRY POPIK EAT?:I started the day off at Economy Candy on Rivington Street, then walked through the Essex Market, then had passionfruit juice at a new place on Orchard and Stanton called ZOZO. I went to the NYPL for an hour, then did a chocolate cookingclass with the French Institute at Chocolate Moderne, 27 West 20th. I followed upwine & chocolate with the Museum of Sex, then had dinner at Chinese Mirch( This Curry Hill restaurant specializes in spicy dishes thatcombine Indian and Chinese cuisines. I didn't have anything too spicty, but I enjoyed my Vegetable Ball Manchurian and Veg. Spring Rolls very much....( Lollipop (5 pcs)the house strongly recommends these spicy winglets!  $6.25......CHICKEN LOLLIPOP--593 Google hits, 7 Google Groups hitsCHICKEN LOLLIPOPS-1,590 Google hits, 11 Google Groups hits...(GOOGLE)Southern Chinese, the pioneer Chinese restaurant... There is also Chicken Lollipop, which Thomas Chang, proprietor, claims wasinvented by the family and imitated by other restaurants. -
19k - Cached - Similar pages ......(FACTIVA)CITRUS TIMES Once again, time's coming to taste Citrus MARY ANN KOSLASKY 342 words 13 October 1994St. Petersburg Times CITY 1 English(Copyright 1994) The best that Citrus restaurateurs have to offer will be on display this Sunday at the Crystal River Mall during the fifth annual Taste of Citrus. The event, this year billed as "An Evening of the Stars," takes place from 7-10 p.m. at the mall on U.S. 19. The stars of the evening will be the restaurants and food establishments that dish up the delicacies to fill your tummies while filling the coffers of the Central Florida Community College Foundation's Scholarship Fund, which provides scholarships to local students. For instance, the Captain's Inn (formerly Days Inn) offers chicken and shrimp francaise in champagne sauce; or maybe you'd prefer roast duck, marinated chicken lollipop and steamed dumplings from Peking Gardens. Oyster's Seafood Restaurant offers clams wrapped in roast beef and New England clam chowder, while the cooks at Seven Rivers Community Hospital prove hospital food isn't what it used to be by serving roasted tenderloin of beef and lemon chicken. ......(FACTIVA)FOOD SUPER BREW / Artisan beers score big in trendy circles ROD SMITH, SPECIAL TO THE CHRONICLE 2,606 words 18 January 1989The San Francisco Chronicle FINAL 1/ZZ1 English(Copyright 1989) -- Howard Bulka, chef at Silks in the Mandarin Hotel: "Pizza - that's what God decided humans would drink beer with." (He also likes beer with Chicken Lollipops - chicken wings marinated in soy, ginger and honey, served with peanut sauce - a Silks dish he designed specifically to go with beer.)

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