Goog (1911)

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Good find !


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Subject: Goog (1911)

Here is "goog", maybe like "gook" in its non-xenophobic sense:


_Chicago Daily Tribune_, 12 March 1911: p. I1:

<Representative Murphy by wearing a hobble skirt deserves a fine of $10; /
And if a daring female who appears in a harem gown should get the penalty
of $30[? -- illegible], max., / How much should the honorable court assess
a grown man who walks abroad under a fedora decked with a brilliant ruffed
feather? / Furthermore, / How many years in the state stoneyard, making
little 'uns out of big 'uns, should be imposed on any goog of the shaving
lather legion who strides through a hotel corridor with a corsage bouquet
on his waistcoat lapel?>>


-- Doug Wilson

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