Dictionary of American Idioms (Russian e-text)

Benjamin Zimmer bgzimmer at RCI.RUTGERS.EDU
Mon Apr 11 05:04:26 UTC 2005

I recently came across a Russian e-text site <http://lib.ru/>.  There are
some English texts on the site, mostly public-domain material, but one
text is notable: _A Dictionary of American Idioms_ by Adam Makkai et al.
The preface is in Russian, but the main text of the dictionary is all in
English (scanned and OCR'd):

Full text (almost 2 megs):

Looks like some serious copyright infringement, and Google finds the same
text on more than a dozen mirror sites.  In any case, the selection of
idioms is rather interesting (more than 8,000 are listed) -- everything
from "Indian sign" to "drive like Jehu".

--Ben Zimmer

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