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        Original message from dInIs (April 11, 2005):
> Do we have other examples of emotive, discourse, or hesitation markers being incorporated into words themselves? I can think of the augmentative ker-, ga, - ka- prefixes (e.g., "kerflop) but nothing else comes to mind, and they seem to have their origins as attachments to existing words, not independent elements.
        One example is "e"  in Russian "eto" (= this), known to derive from the interjection "(H)ey" + "to" (= that).  Also, see my article "Interjections As A Source Of Standard Morphological Elements" in _Etymology and Linguistic Principles_, vol. 1: [subtitle] _Pursuit of Linguistic Insight_, by Gerald Leonard Cohen, self-published (very favorably reviewed in _Language_ and _Journal of Indo-European Studies_), 1988. pp.121-134.

        Gerald Cohen

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