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A second sense:

"Be specific (pizza,. hang-gliding, snow skiing, computers, etc.) Then try to
imagine what the enhanced, #147;heavenized#148; version of those joys will be like." --www.adventist.org.za/Departments/ youth_files/2002%20Starter%20Kit.ppt

And as for the meaning first reported :

"This also explains why dying is not called dying by them but being heavenized." --

Undoubtedly better than "infernalized" (a few dozen hits).



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A new one on me; OED has a single 1656 cite, but the sense is somewhat =

>From the obituary of J. C. Warden, in today's (4/10/2005) Huntsville, AL =
Times, p. A18, col 6.
"J. C. Warden, 74, of Toney was heavenized Friday."

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