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> <html><div style='background-color:'><P>Dear All,</P> <P>I am
> writiing a paper for my Phonetics Second Language Acquistion
> class. The topic I have chosen is Ventrilliquism. Although it
> has nothing to do with SLA, I am investigating
> substitutions used in ventrilliquism. Anyone have any
> thoughts on ventrilliquists? The sources are rare but I am
> finding them online. </P> <P>Some ventrilliquists use
> different dialects i.e. Spanish dialect and an Irish Dialect
> along with their regular NAE dialect, interchanging them to
> make different characters. Some characters are old and some
> are young. Semina DeLaurentis starred in the Broadway show
> "Nunsense". Her character was Sr. Amnesia (couldn't remember
> her name) and she had a puppet to help her with her memory
> loss. Semina switches back and forth to the puppet while
> sinngnig opera.  There are still others that drink water
> while the puppet is speaking. How do they do this? </P> <P>I
> know there are several Jornals on bidialectal in different
> communities around the world.  Any thourhts on
> bidialectal with ventrilliquists? </P> <P>Thanks</P> <P>Ray
> Villegas<BR>Arizona State University<BR><BR></P> <DIV>
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