Goosepimples (1996); Keeping it real

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KEEPING IT REAL--So I got Roadrunner, but I couldn't install it, and the guy
came today, and it still didn't work, so I took the computer down the block to
COMP USA. And it's going to cost $275. And my income is--I got $100 for "the
Big Apple" 11 years ago. And the guy who wrote up "hot dog" with my work and
didn't mention my name got more money for that article of my work than I did.
Well, anyway, if my posts are fewer and shorter, it's because I don't want to
fund Kinko's that much. Keeping it real.

GOOSEBUMPS--577,000 Google hits
GOOSEPIMPLES--5,600 Google hits
GOOSE PIMPLES--24,900 Google hits
"I got goosepimples."
--Jennifer Lopez, my ex-wife
She gave me goose BUMPS. I don't know who gave her the pimples. I didn't know
a goose gets pimples.
And another one to name
Cool, Bristles !!! Yeah I remember and have just downloaded it from Arnold.
This stupid simple intro music gives me goose pimples !!!
comp.emulators.cbm - Nov 28 1996, 7:52 pm by jap... at - 17 messages -
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Tell VW You Want the Caddy!
... Come on everyone...our voice CAN be heard! I get goose pimples at the
thought of
a 1.9L diesel.... The pic I saw of the Caddy had an enclosed bed. ... - Nov 21 1996, 1:57 pm by David Marshall - 4
messages - 3 authors

Story: The Play Part 3
... Her turned the glass sideways enough to let an ice cube or two escape
onto her body.
Goose pimples popped out from the areas of skin the ice hit. ... - Nov 20 1996, 4:05 am by twope... at - 1 message - 1

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