American Sign Language---query

FRITZ JUENGLING juengling_fritz at SALKEIZ.K12.OR.US
Wed Apr 13 20:17:45 UTC 2005

Here is a reply from my colleague:

Hi Fritz-

To respond to your question from Mr. Cohen, American Sign Language is definitely a "complete and natural language" and should be regarded as such.  For an in-depth approach to this, please visit Sherman Wilcox's web site at the University of NM.  He has spent much of his life devoted to trying to have all universities view ASL as a "real" language.  Please see or another good site to go to is  If I can be of further help, just ask!

Laurie Hatfield
ASL Instructor

(P.S.--feel free to post this if you'ld like!  I'm happy to help!)

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