Keeping it real (1975?)

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Ben Zimmer adds:
I believe the hiphop exhortation to "keep it real" emerged in the early
'90s and became widespread by mid-decade.  The rapper Apache of the Flavor
Unit MCs had a song called "Keep It Real" in '93, and Kool Moe Dee had a
song with the same title the following year.

These cites from Nexis and Proquest suggest that "keep it real" may have
already been in use by black entertainers c. '91-'92, though the phrase
hadn't necessarily become a fixed idiom yet:
Bill Mullins writes:
>From the 1970's, if not earlier:
"It's been real, and it's been fun, but it hasn't been real fun."
Mango sunrise
John Lee;  Gerry Brown
 Sound Recording : Music : Jazz :  LP recording 1 sound disc (37 min.) : 33 1/3 rpm, stereo. ; 12 in.
Los Angeles : Blue Note,
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Title:Mango sunrise
Author(s):Lee, John, 1952- ; Brown, Gerry,; ca. 1951- ; (Performer - prf)
Publication:Los Angeles :; Blue Note,
Description:1 sound disc (37 min.) :; 33 1/3 rpm, stereo. ;; 12 in.
Music Type:Jazz
Standard No:Publisher: BN-LA541-G; Blue Note
Contents:Mango sunrise -- Breakfast of champions -- Keep it real --Ethereal cereal -- The stop and go -- Her celestial body -- Pickin' the bone --Magnum opus -- Haida.
Descriptor:Jazz -- 1971-1980.
Note(s):Participants: For jazz ensemble; John Lee (the composer), bass ; Gerry Brown, drums and other percussion ; and others./ Recorded in Holland, Belgium, and New York City, June-July 1975.
Other Titles:Breakfast of champions.; Keep it real.; Ethereal cereal.; Stop and go.; Her celestial body.; Pickin' the bone.; Magnum opus.; Haida.
Responsibility:John Lee and Gerry Brown.
Material Type:Musical recording (msr); LP recording (lps)
Document Type:Sound Recording

OT: HAVING A BAD DAY: Is there something in the air today?...It's New York City. I have a Dell computer. I took it to Comp USA to get it cleaned out. I was told AT LEAST two weeks. Two weeks??...I mentioned that someone posted about me on on April 11th. That post has disappeared. Did anyone else read it? I did see it, right?...Today is like a bad Seinfeld episode. I cleaned my apartment for the Road Runner guy. I got a knock on the door. It was the doorman, in grave tones. Did I put papers down the chute? Yes--hey, did somebody die? Well, it jammed the machine. Paper. Don't throw trash down the trash shoot again.
OT: WHERE DID BARRY POPIK EAT?--Naples 45, 45th Street in the Pan Am, er, Met Life Building. It has Naples' seal of approval, but the pizza I ordered was almost all dough and no cheese...I ate at Pizza 33 (East 33rd Street and Third Avenue) a few days ago, and it also has Naples' seal of approval. The slices there were pretty good. It was packed on Saturday night when I walked by.
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