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Michael McKernan <mckernan at LOCALNET.COM> writes:
Beyond the context where one encountered piemen, and beyond the company they
supposedly kept, remember that by definition, a pieman sold a product whose
contents (and thus, quality) were hidden by the crusty covering.  I seem to
remember that various (English? USA?) officials were moved to attempt
regulation of piemen, or at least, the products they sold.  If so, that's a
sure sign that adulterated or noxious-content pies were a big problem.

Don't dine on one of Dibbler's pies
        that only cost a dollar.
It's generally thought unwise
        for merchant, thief, or scholar.
Concerning the ingredients
        Your safest course is ignorance;
Don't dine on one of Dibbler's pies
        And mind your manners,
        If on the Discworld you should be
        At Unseen University.

>From "Don't Pick On The Librarian",

-- Mark
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