homerism (1955)

Rex W. Stocklin stocklin at EARTHLINK.NET
Tue Apr 19 06:46:18 UTC 2005

At 1:48 AM -0400 4/19/05, Benjamin Zimmer wrote:

>HDAS lists "homer" = "an official whose decisions consistently favor the
>home team" from 1888.  In more recent years, "homer" more often refers to
>a sportswriter or commentator whose coverage consistently favors the home
>team.  Such hometown bias is called "homerism", as in this exchange on
>CNN's "Reliable Sources" between host Howard Kurtz and Washington Post
>sportswriter Tony Kornheiser, discussing coverage of the Washington

Doh! ;-)

Mmmm, homerisms,
Lexy Rexy
Fishers, IN

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